[MaraDNS] Mailing list moved to new host

Sam Trenholme maradns at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 01:05:22 PDT 2014

Hello, MaraDNS users.

I have moved the MaraDNS mailing list to a new host; members may have
gotten an automated announcement that they are subscribed to
list at postbox.samiam.org in the process of moving the subscriber list
to the new host.

Note that this is a moderated announce-only list; MaraDNS support is
now on an online forum: https://forum.samiam.org/

The procedure for unsubscribing to the list is the same: send an email
to list-unsubscribe at maradns.org

To subscribe again, send an email to list-subscribe at maradns.org and
follow the directions in the automated reply to confirm your

To look at the archive for older postings to the list (2007-2014):


The current mailing list archive is here:


- Sam

As an aside, while I have very happy with the service I have gotten
with my node on Crissic, it is *not* a node for running any kind of
mailing list.  Even though Crissic's AUP allows me to send 400 emails
a day (less than the amount of traffic this list generates), their
spam filters stopped me from sending any and all email after I sent
only 136 mails.

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